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Acadia Images workshops was founded by a father and son team of local photographers eager to share the area's beauty with others. As locals we aim not only to show great sights, but to share the lessons that this area has taught us. Our workshops take place in and around the Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, Maine area, this is where we are experts. Accommodation at our guest house is currently complimentary and entirely optional for attendees to use. We also have a dedicated classroom space with seating for six. Individual 24" IPS screens are supplied for use with your laptop. We teach Lightroom and Photoshop processing, something we are both enthusiastic about Workshops cover avariety of topics and can accommodate many interests. Our Discovering Acadia' course covers general landscape and nature photography (not much for wildlife in this tiny park). We also have special classes in cooperation with Aaron Priest and Mike Taylor for Night Sky photography, Night Sky Time-lapse shooting and processing, and PanoramaPhotography. We also offer an annual 12-day trip the Philippines in February, which is a great winter getaway for those of us in the northern latitudes!

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Cairo, Egypt & Western Desert 5 days (Copy)

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