Philippines 2016 - 12-day Central Visayas

2/16/2016 - 2/28/2016 - (13 Days) $5,200.00 4 spots left Moderate
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What’s included in the price:

  • All in-country transport (including flights)
  • Meals
  • Accommodation

Welcome to the Philippines:

The Philippines is a colorful country full of smiling people, endless beaches, warm weather, and unique culture. Photography will cover a broad spectrum of subject matter but mainly focus on the people and landscapes. The colors and textures of these tropical islands provide endless photographic opportunities.

What the workshop covers:

Shooting while traveling is a fun and challenging task, and something I am particularly enthusiastic about. A new environment is a great time to work on our photographic eye, tackle various natural light conditions, and become adept capturing fleeting moments. This workshop will help you:

  • Become fluent with auto- and manual focus
  • Understand how exposure works and achieve it in a fast and accurate manner
  • Quickly decipher a scene and it’s compositional potential
  • Make compelling images that communicate the essence of the moment
  • Editing images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Enjoy photography and benefit from it both mentally and physically

Who Should Attend:

Beginner to advance photographers can enjoy this workshop, but some familiarity with your camera and equipment is recommended. DSLR cameras are preferred, but not absolutely necessary. Travel is taxing on the body, as is the change of climate and time zone. While we will take things at a relaxed pace, some degree of physical endurance will improve your experience. The Philippines is tropical, can be downright hot during the day and hovers around 90% humidity. Most of our locations are easy access, but the more natural areas will require walking and short hiking, but don’t worry, this is no Hollywood jungle safari.

What should you bring:

The Philippines is tropical.  We recommend packing light: plan for light, loose clothing (quick dry clothes are great), and comfortable footwear suitable for walking and short hikes.  Plan for some time in the water since many of our locations offer great swimming, snorkeling, and easy access to coral reefs. In general you should dress down and forego jewelry.  I highly recommend keeping your baggage to one piece of luggage and your camera bag since it will be easier to keep track of as we switch modes of transport.  Besides warm weather, this climate is also frequently visited by rain showers so I suggest a waterproof cover for your camera bag and a shower cap (or bag) that you can wrap over your camera in case we are caught by surprise.

Camera equipment should include a range of focal lengths from wide to moderate telephoto.  I’ve never had need of anything longer than 200mm, but if you enjoy shooting at longer lengths by all means bring your big glass. Tripods will open many possibilities and allow you to shoot at all hours of the day.  Invest in a good tripod and practice with it’s controls so that you can use it efficiently.  I also carry a point&shoot for some situations and for it’s ability to shoot underwater.

If you want to take advantage of our post-processing options then you’ll need to bring your laptop with Lightroom and/or Photoshop installed.

Getting there:

We suggest to book a flight directly to Cebu City (CEB) to avoid domestic transfers in Manila’s already bustling airport (I’ve been held up with delays and lost luggage on separate occasions).  Korean Air, Asiana, and Singapore Airlines all fly into Cebu without connections in Manila.  (For those in the DC area: IAD to CEB on Korean Airlines is the shortest flight time).  Be careful to book your flight to arrive the afternoon on the 16th (usually close to midnight).  Likewise your departure may best be scheduled on the 29th near 1am in the morning.

You are welcome to stay longer in the Philippines if you wish, there is lots more to see and do.



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We will all arrive in Cebu on the 16th (late) and settle into a hotel for the night. Orientation will cover the basics of traveling in the Philippines, our itinerary, and discuss our photographic strategy.


Day 1, Feb 17th, Cebu City

We’ll acclimatize to the sights and sounds, weather, and population density on our first day by visiting some local markets. This is also our day to go shopping for any essentials we may need. We’ll return to our hotel in Cebu for the night.

Equipment Needed

  • Camera
  • Backup Camera
  • Tripod
  • Laptop
  • Lens - General
  • Lens - Wide Angle
  • Other Gear - 1